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This Post Has 36 Possible Endings

We are not talking about an epiphany on the level of Proust’s madeleine, but reading Grady Hendrix’s Slate history of the Choose Your Own Adventure books rocketed me back to my 1980s childhood. I was the target audience for these page-turners, mainly because I lacked the key ingredients that Hendrix notes were essential to enjoy […]

Raising Acts and Taking Names

I have pretty good selection of old SNES titles I can reach for when I need to nostalgically kill a few hours—the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Yoshi’s Island. Final Fantasy II & III if I’m looking to kill half a year.  Games you’ve likely played, or at least are […]

On Writing for a Branching Narrative

Image via Wikipedia Howdy, all. I’m one of the new hires here at Chromed, and I’m both stoked and appropriately intimidated to be working on this project for reasons I will make clear. When plotting a narrative, it’s hard enough to beat out a single storyline—making sure every setup is paid off in satisfying fashion, […]

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