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Jane McGonigal’s Epic Brain

I have a crush on Jane McGonigal’s brain.  According to Jane in her talk on Ignite, she recovered from a traumatic brain injury by making it a game, becoming Jane McGonigal: Concussion-Slayer.  Jane McGonigal’s brain is resilient.   She believes and argues very convincingly that game players can solve real world problems like curing cancer and […]

A Murder of Crows

Crows scare me.  More specifically, San Diego crows scare me.  They are loud, hungry, aggressive towards humans, wicked smart, and, their scariest quality…they remember you. I was taking my dog out for a walk one sunny day when we came upon a bunch of crows who’d dug a chicken leg out of the park garbage […]

Bissell’s Extra Lives

A key step in the development of any art form is the parallel development of a viable school of criticism of that form. A sophisticated audience produces a connoisseurship that in turn establishes the standards by which new work can be judged. Video games, not to give ammunition to the Roger Ebert school, have yet […]

Art and Entertainment

Kill Screen – Issue #1 I had a lively discussion with my family at a recent get-together about the art of video games.  My mom inspired the conversation, because she was baffled by the popularity of graphic novels.  She was assuming they were all comic books, and that they had no meaningful content.  My mom […]

Crash Course

Gaming Crash Course I’m Chromed’s designated movie guy, with the prolonged stints in development hell to prove it. I’m also the company’s primary advocate for the “casual gamer” audience, because that’s the demographic in which I squarely fit. Yes, I have no console. But I have friends who have written for and even produced TV […]

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