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The Moral Thing

I have a halo problem, and I don’t mean the kind with Master Chief. Any time I play a game with a morality system, I can’t help but be the nicest, cuddliest, trivial-problem-solvingest (it’s a word) protagonist of all time. I have tried several times to break from this terrible affliction. I have a Mass […]

Art and Entertainment

Kill Screen – Issue #1 I had a lively discussion with my family at a recent get-together about the art of video games.  My mom inspired the conversation, because she was baffled by the popularity of graphic novels.  She was assuming they were all comic books, and that they had no meaningful content.  My mom […]

Playing Fair

One of the important lessons a child learns is how to play fair. At some point or another, most of us learn the value in honest play. It isn’t a terribly hard lesson to learn. We can all remember a time when we experienced something unfair and how frustrating it felt. Once we recognize that […]

From game to game

It was a dark night. Not stormy though. If it had been stormy, we would have been at home. And it wasn’t darker than any other night. So really, it was just night. Like many such nights, I was at University of Washington, stalking about the campus, trying to remain undetected. I’d been doing this […]

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