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Body Politic

A recent article on the Border House blog discusses the issue of handling sexual dimorphism when designing new species for games. The article gives as its examples of process the Turians from Mass Effect, and the charr from Guild Wars 2. Only male Turians feature in the Mass Effect games, which has made the issue […]

Beauty in World Design

The great video games, the games that transcend their platforms and that people keep playing long after technology has left them in the dust, I believe, are games that players find beautiful.  Aesthetics and atmosphere as much as gameplay sets these games apart.  Beautiful games provide a sense of transportation to and immersion in another […]

All The Stage Is A World

Small world, big stories A few weeks ago I watched the extraordinary documentary Marwencol. It tells the story of Mark Hogancamp, who recovered from a brutal beating that almost claimed his life by immersing himself in an epic art project. He built a ⅙-scale model of a World War II era Belgian town in his […]


Reinventing the Wheel

It’s spring, and I’ve been thinking about “newness” and originality in terms of playwriting, and more generally, storytelling.  In a world where we are constantly bombarded by story through all kinds of mediums, how can a writer create anything original or new? I had a playwriting student once who told me he didn’t read plays […]

Shark in the Water

A few years back, a friend of mine asked me to take a look at the AFI thesis film he was producing. The film, which I won’t name here, was visually striking and everything it had set out to be: a stark turn-of-the-century thriller/horror set against a Western pioneer backdrop. It centered around a girl […]

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