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I’m Chromed’s designated movie guy, with the prolonged stints in development hell to prove it. I’m also the company’s primary advocate for the “casual gamer” audience, because that’s the demographic in which I squarely fit. Yes, I have no console. But I have friends who have written for and even produced TV series without owning TV sets themselves, and they insist it made them better writers. Here’s a chance to test that theory in a new medium. My lack of gaming experience not only didn’t hurt when I responded to Chromed’s call for writers, it actually helped me land the gig. All my life I’ve waited to get a job in which my complete absence of qualifications was seen as an asset. If only the medical and commercial aviation communities weren’t so uptight.

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How Diddy Kong Racing Made Me A Stone Cold Killer

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Being eighteen  months older and better at saving his allowance, my brother generally owned our games and consoles when we were kids. I wedged in time with the n64 and Gameboy whenever I could, but my skills were somewhat lacking. It didn’t help that I was competitive. If my brother kicked my ass at any game, I gave up in a huff. It wasn’t just video games, either—I was banned from Magic: the Gathering the second time our game devolved into a screaming match. (He gave me the crappy deck! I was merely demanding justice!).

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I don’t play video games. I tried when I was a kid.  At the insistence of my brothers, “Santa” brought us one of the first Nintendo game consoles in 1986.  We spent hours in the basement family room, sitting on the brown, marbleized carpet in front of the TV, shooting clay pigeons in Duck Hunt.
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