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The Year In Game

Down these mean streets you yourself must go … First, allow me to wish you a belated happy new year on behalf of the entire Chromed team. We’ll have regular updates in this space as production commences on March 32nd. 2011 will go down as a critical year in my personal evolution as a video […]

If You’ve Had An A-Ha Moment, Press One

Not long after the Penny Arcade Expo ended I was winging my way to St. Louis for Bouchercon, the international crime fiction writers and readers convention. To think I once led a lanyard-less life. Attending the two cons so close together got me thinking about detective games, and an early one that remains a personal […]

Easy Being Green

The 2011 Penny Arcade Expo is behind us. We’ll always have great affection for PAX; we formally launched both Chromed and March 32nd there in 2010, so it was a pleasure to return to the show and highlight what we’ve done since, introduce the company’s talented new faces, and lay out our plans for where […]

All The Stage Is A World

Small world, big stories A few weeks ago I watched the extraordinary documentary Marwencol. It tells the story of Mark Hogancamp, who recovered from a brutal beating that almost claimed his life by immersing himself in an epic art project. He built a ⅙-scale model of a World War II era Belgian town in his […]

A Question of Scale

When a man who has saved the world — hell, the universe — more than once says that you’re laying it on a little thick, you are obliged to listen. I give you the words of Harrison Ford: I think what a lot of action movies lose these days, especially the ones that deal with […]

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Vince Keenan has written business journalism, short fiction, and an award-winning series of phone sex ads. He is currently a screenwriter with a lovely pied-a-terre overlooking Development Hell, and a correspondent for the Film Noir Foundation’s magazine the Noir City Sentinel. His blog is nowhere near as popular as he thinks it is. He is Chromed’s resident expert on cocktails and New York Mets baseball. Sadly, these subjects do not factor into March 32nd.

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