Stephanie Timm, Narrative Designer

The Word Has Spoken

photo credit: AlishaV A little over a month ago, we held auditions for our teaser and demo. We sat at a table on one side of an ample conference room, and watched a parade of talent perform excerpts of scenes we’d written so far for March 32nd. It was a revelation. Presto—character! Voile—story and world! […]


Reinventing the Wheel

It’s spring, and I’ve been thinking about “newness” and originality in terms of playwriting, and more generally, storytelling.  In a world where we are constantly bombarded by story through all kinds of mediums, how can a writer create anything original or new? I had a playwriting student once who told me he didn’t read plays […]

none of us is as dumb as all of us

I’m really just starting to get my feet wet in terms of writing for video games.  There are a lot of basic elements that cross over from writing plays to writing adventure games (character, story, world, etc.), but there are also some pretty big differences, particularly the experience of writing as a group.  Playwrights usually […]

Jane McGonigal’s Epic Brain

I have a crush on Jane McGonigal’s brain.  According to Jane in her talk on Ignite, she recovered from a traumatic brain injury by making it a game, becoming Jane McGonigal: Concussion-Slayer.  Jane McGonigal’s brain is resilient.   She believes and argues very convincingly that game players can solve real world problems like curing cancer and […]

A Murder of Crows

Crows scare me.  More specifically, San Diego crows scare me.  They are loud, hungry, aggressive towards humans, wicked smart, and, their scariest quality…they remember you. I was taking my dog out for a walk one sunny day when we came upon a bunch of crows who’d dug a chicken leg out of the park garbage […]

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Stephanie Timm is currently playwright in residence at ACT Theatre, and company playwright with New Century Theatre. She was commissioned by the 5th Avenue Theatre to write Rosie the Riveter!, in collaboration with composer Albert Evans. In June, her new play The Red( D)ress Party will be workshopped at Seattle Repertory Theatre. Her play Crumbs Are Also Bread was published in the recent Rain City Projects Manifesto Series, edited by Steven Dietz. She was nominated for a Gregory Award for On the Nature of Dust, recently premiered by New Century Theatre Company. Stephanie's plays have been produced and developed at Portland Center Stage, Washington Ensemble Theatre, Empty Space Theatre, Kennedy Center, and Lark Play Development Center, among others. Stephanie has taught writing at UC San Diego, Richard Hugo House, Willamette University, and through ACT Theatre.

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