James Youngman, Game Designer

Body Politic

A recent article on the Border House blog discusses the issue of handling sexual dimorphism when designing new species for games. The article gives as its examples of process the Turians from Mass Effect, and the charr from Guild Wars 2. Only male Turians feature in the Mass Effect games, which has made the issue […]

The Great and Powerful Oz

In The Wizard of Oz, the titular character is believed by the protagonist Dorothy and her companions to be a being of tremendous power, able to provide for each of them what they most desire if only they can gain an audience with him. Once they reach the “great and powerful” Oz – is a […]

Trailer (homepage header)

Teaser: The Menu

It is with great pleasure that we unveil the latest teaser trailer for March 32nd, the debut game from Chromed! March 32nd Teaser from Chromed on Vimeo. This video provides a sneak peek at March 32nd‘s striking art style, as well as hinting at our take on classic point-and-click adventure game play. This teaser and […]

Putting on a Show

photo credit: Diane S Murphy Demos are an important part of marketing games. Players (rightly) want a chance to try games before they decide to make a purchase. Putting out a demo that showcases the strength of your game will make players want to buy it, and then everyone gets what they want. Clearly then, […]

Complexity Complex

Making video games is a complex process. A team of people from many distinct disciplines and with wildly divergent understandings of the world work together on a single project with a single vision. That vision will change as the project goes on, and the changes need to be constantly communicated to all of these specialists […]

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James Youngman is a noted game designer, who has worked in genres from 2D platformer to crab fishing simulation. Games he has worked on have won awards on the internet, and the internet hates just about everything.

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