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Easy Being Green

The 2011 Penny Arcade Expo is behind us. We’ll always have great affection for PAX; we formally launched both Chromed and March 32nd there in 2010, so it was a pleasure to return to the show and highlight what we’ve done since, introduce the company’s talented new faces, and lay out our plans for where this ambitious project goes next.

We put more than 300 people through their paces in our portable green screen studio, giving them the chance to step into the world of March 32nd and potentially be a character in the game. Why not check out a memorable audition or two?

Plenty of press stopped by our booth, and we talked their ears off about what we’re up to. The Escapist’s Mike Thompson called March 32nd “one of the strangest, most intriguing titles I’ve seen in quite some time.” More coverage is coming, and we’ll link to it here.

What’s next for March 32nd? A playable demo, regular updates from the entire team, and Episode 1 early next year. Watch this space to stay in the loop.



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