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From game to game

Caught in the ActIt was a dark night. Not stormy though. If it had been stormy, we would have been at home. And it wasn’t darker than any other night. So really, it was just night. Like many such nights, I was at University of Washington, stalking about the campus, trying to remain undetected. I’d been doing this for several years at this point, and it was quite fun. I wasn’t a student, mind you; I have no official relationship with that institution. No, I was a Capture the Flag player.

At one point, I got to talking with one of the newer players. By then Capture the Flag was more about the socializing than the game itself for me. I had recently finished my second commercially released game and was looking for work. This new player, tall fellow with an asymmetric beard, was quite interested in my experience. Turns out he was looking to make a video game, and realized this wasn’t going to happen without a designer.

He told me about March 32nd, it sounded interesting, so I gave him a writing sample. This was a bit new for me. While I wrote as a hobby, my professional experience at that point had all been in my true passion: game design. The writing I’d done in games had been incidental, and occasionally in languages I didn’t know. I saw this as an opportunity to work on a different type of game, and to expand my range. For a game designer, it’s important both to have good game design abilities and a number of other creative skills.

We discussed the project, and the deal was done. I was signed on as lead designer and part of the writing team. March 32nd has come quite a long way since that dark night. I look forward to driving it to completion, and sharing it with the world.



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